The Autumn Collection

With the change of season upon us it is the perfect time to introduce Masks and Tiaras new and exciting “Autumn Collection”.

As the days shorten and the winter coats come out we are determined not to lose our sparkle and have a stunning range of masquerade masks to ensure that you will look fabulous at any upcoming events.

 Brown and Ivory Phantom Inspired Mask

This fabulous brown and ivory half face masquerade mask is inspired by the Phantom of the Opera. As it is a larger mask, with a depth of 5.5″/ 14cm it is most suited as, a male masquerade mask. For easy wearing, it is tied with black ribbon ties. £12.99


Cream and Gold Rialto

For those looking for a smaller masquerade mask the “Cream and Gold Rialto” is the perfect option. Tied with black ribbon ties with a depth of 3″/ 8cm this masquerade masks is bound to stand out at any event this Autumn. £8.99



Red and Gold Butterfly

A mask on a stick provides a fantastic alternative to a ribbon tie mask especially for those of you who wear glasses or those who do not want to wear the mask itself all evening.

This stunning mask is adorned with a beautiful butterfly to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. The stick is made from a high quality wood and handpainted with lots of sparkle added. £10.95



Black and Gold Flower Pair

To ensure that both you and your other half look fabulous for your event, our couples masks are a fantastic option.

The black and gold swirl masquerade mask is adorned with a beautiful black flower with net and feather details and has a depth of 3″/ 8cm. The straight top black mask matches perfectly. Both masks are tied with black ribbons. £16.99


Top 5 Halloween Masks

I know how difficult it is to plan that perfect Halloween costume. The decision of what to wear is an absolute nightmare! There are so many options! At Masks and Tiaras we are very busy getting ready for Halloween. 

To try and make your decision easier this year I have put together a list of our “Top 5 Halloween Masks”!


5. Turquoise and Blue Mask

I’m afraid I can’t promise it will give you Superhero powers this Halloween but this mask will definitely give your outfit the wow factor at a super price of £5.99. The depth of this mask is 3″/8cm so it would fit either males or females perfectly!

TIP: Wear this blue mask with a blue dress and cape for a quick and easy costume.

4. Phantom of the Opera

This Phantom of the Opera inspired mask is one of my personal favorites. The half face Phantom masks are a larger mask at 6″/ 15cm so are better suited to men. This particular style is priced £12.99 and is available in a range of different colours.

TIP: Suit it up! A black suit is the way forward with this mask! If you’re feeling like going all out – a black cape and white waistcoat would be perfect additions to this costume!

3. Deluxe Spider Mask

Just wow! I adore how glittery this mask is and think the spotted net really adds something to it! This mask is “Halloween” all over. £9.99

TIP: Wear with striped tights to give the illusion of spiders legs.The brighter the better!

2. Green and Silver Fabiola

This mask is brand new to our range and would make a perfect addition to any Poison Ivy Halloween costume! It is easy to fasten with ribbon ties and has a perfect amount of glitter and sparkle. At £7.49 it is an affordable addition to any fancy dress outfit!

TIP: Pop on a green dress and team it with some bright red lipstick and VOILA … a quick and easy Poison Ivy outfit!

1. Black Metal Bat Mask

I absolutely LOVE this black metal mask! At £14.99 it is the most expensive mask in this countdown but we think it is worth every penny! The crystals are so pretty and really do add that extra sparkle. This mask has a depth of 3″/8cm and is tied with black ribbons.

TIP: Team this mask with black wet look leggings for a sexy twist on the traditional “Batwoman” costume.



Welcome to our new blog!

Thank you for taking the time to have a look at our new blog! At Masks and Tiaras, we specialise in providing high quality masks for every budget and occasion! Whether that be a high class masquerade ball or a fancy dress night out we have something for you!